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We had a goal to redo the flooring for about a dollar a square foot, and we laid out five ways to update vinyl sheet flooring on a budget. The craziest idea – but also the most oddly tempting – was to paint them. The paint experts we spoke to thought we might be mildly insane. One guy tried so hard to talk us out of painting our floors that we ended up agreeing we wouldn’t do it just so he could get some sleep that night.

rug painting

But since we’re basically hard-core DIY rebels who run with all the wrong crowds and break the rules, we did it anyway.

Materials Needed

  • Regular latex primer like you’d use on the wall.
  • Enough porch and floor paint to cover your floor. (We bought a gallon of teal and a gallon of white because you can’t buy it any smaller amounts, and we had LOTS left over in our 50 sq ft room.)
  • Painter’s tape (for stripes)
  • TriSodium Phosphate (This is a heavy duty cleaner you can find at Home Depot or order it right here. We paid about $7 at our home improvement store, so the current amazon price as of this posting is actually cheaper than that.)
  • Paint rollers and brushes
  • Orbital sander and sandpaper. (This is the sander we use.)
  • Caulk, if your vinyl has holes. (This is the exact kind we use.)

If you have any tiny holes in your floor in discreet locations, you can try to patch the holes. This patch job is not perfect, but the hole we had in our floor was actually underneath where the washing machine sits, so we weren’t concerned with perfection.

Even after we patched hole, you would definitely notice an imperfection in the floor if it was in a more obvious location. Still, if your floors are vinyl and you can’t change them for budget reasons, painted holey floors look better than unpainted ones!

So here’s how we repaired it. First, we used a utility knife to cut around the hole where it was swollen and awkwardly protruding at us.

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