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Art Deco style wallpaper with velvet chairs and deco lighting

1. Terracotta

Earthy, warm and a great base for other key accent colours such as teal, blush pink and kale green, 2017 is the year terracotta makes its come back. If, like me, you remember terracotta paint from the ‘90’s, when it was used on every other episode of Changing Rooms, usually in some horrendous sponge-painted form, then you may be reluctant to see its return. But fear not! Terracotta is coming back in a much sleeker and more stylish way; from soft terracotta paint to complement a modern Scandi-style scheme, to modern, minimalist terracotta vases, light fittings, tiles and tableware. There really is something to suit everyone. You may not love the idea now, but I think this one is going to be a slow burner and come the summer, we’ll be queuing up to add a splash of this colour to our homes.

2. Desert Chic

Continuing the theme for earthy tones, here’s a design movement which picks up where the trend for botanics and house plants left off last summer, with more of a focus on desert-style plants such as cacti (and this time they’ve grown, so that the bigger your cacti, the better!). It’s a trend which is still in its infancy and I don’t think we’ll see much of it until towards the summer, but along with your super-sized cacti and desert palm, warm pinks, dusty blues and rust and terracotta tones work well with light and airy white-painted rooms, plenty of layered Mexican and Southern-American style textiles, such as these handwoven rugs and, if you’re not lucky enough to have a huge picture window out into an Arizonan desert landscape, then large paintings and National Geographic style photography of far-away places are a great way to complete the look.

3. Art Deco

And now for something completely different. Almost at the opposite end of the design spectrum is the growing trend for super-luxe art deco style glamour. Taking the best-bits of the art deco era and fusing them with modern colours and finishes. Think velvet chairs in blush pink and mint green, black parquet flooring, statement lighting and a little bit of bling with some gold or brass accents on furniture or artwork. This is such a fun trend and a way to create a place in your home that provides true escapism and indulgence; perfect if you love the idea of cocktail hour; a bar cart is a great accessory to add deco style to any living room! I also love some of the beautiful and sumptuous art-deco style wall papers and wall murals; I must admit I’ve fallen for the pink flamingos and love how it’s been used on panels which is a lovely way to add bold pattern in a controlled way. And to introduce a touch of art deco style into your space, we love the deco prints and butterflies by the brilliant The Curious Department.

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